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Counsel & Advice

Job Placement Services

Douglas Associates provides through our division of Educational Consulting, Recruitment and Job Placement, the following services for teachers who are looking for employment in Pennsylvania. Please call 267-796-0078 if you have any questions.

Job Placement Services for Teachers:

- Job Searches for K-12 Teaching Positions

- Job Placement Assistance

- Job Interview Preparation

- Virtual and Video Interviews

- One-On-One Professional Consulting – Step by Step*

- Group Professional Consulting*

- Face to Face Conferencing*

- Interview Coaching

- Resume and Cover Letter Advice

- Salary Negotiations

- Understanding Professional Contracts for Teaching Positions

- Criminal Background Checks - Guidance

- Online – Group Professional Development

- Job Fairs*

- Strategies for Better Working Conditions

- Virtual Interviews


1. We have the staff, skills and capabilities to find the best certified and

qualified teachers in the state of Pennsylvania.

2. We search and recruit teachers for long- and short-term teaching positions.

3. We assign individual consultants to teachers to develop an on-going relationship with

their success and career.



*Due to COVID – 19, Douglas Associates’ Educational Consulting, Recruitment and Job Placement Division will not have in person interviews until further directions from the CDC. We will provide one-on-one phone conferences, group phone conferences via Zoom and Skype for our clients.

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