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About Us

"The Best Serves the Best"

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Our Vision: Matching the best educators to the best jobs.

Our MissionTo assist organizations and educators who are staffing or seeking employment in the field of education.

Our Goals: To support educators in finding the best professional positions to advance their careers. To help educational organizations succeed by matching the best talent to their staffing and consulting needs.

At Douglas Associates Educational Consulting and Recruitment, we serve teachers who are seeking employment and assist administrators who are staffing their organizations.

Our goal is to provide the best services for both educators and educational institutions: public, private, independent and charter schools, as well as colleges and universities.


We offer educators pre-interviews, first-contact free consulting, assistance with background checks and job placement, professional development, seminars, workshops and potential job interviews. We go far beyond the resume! We connect clients with the best products, services and job placements.

We step up to the challenges in the industry of consulting and recruitment. With perseverance and a well-planned strategy, we bring talent, skills and professionalism to businesses and organizations as our qualified experts work towards finding the best clients for your business. We study each organization’s needs before creating a business relationship.

We are part of Douglas Associates Product Marketing and Development Inc., which has provided educational services for small and large companies since 1986. Our agency of consulting and recruitment is one of our most successful business ventures. Our qualified staff have been with us for many years and have grown with the company.


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